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What is an Inflatable Boat?

What is an inflatable boat? Many people think of a small raft like design that is mainly good for floating around in the sun. However, an inflatable boat can be much more than that. First of all, this type of boat is designed with air chambers that are inflated with air to provide buoyancy. The air can be pumped manually or by the use of an automatic pump.

An Inflatable boat is designed to be light-weight and portable. They have many advantages and are made to be very durable. They are used for all types of boating activities from sailing to fishing and are considered to be one of the most ingenious designs ever invented.

Advantages of an Inflatable Boat

There are many advantages to having an inflatable boat. Of course, the main advantage is being light-weight and portable. This means that you can easily handle one of these boats by yourself if needed. When deflated they fold up nice and neat and can be placed in a storage bag. This makes them easy to transport from one location to another and easy to store when not in use as well.

Another advantage is that these boats are very stable and provide a lot of buoyancy. This is due to that they are inflated with air, it is also one reason they are becoming so popular. Inflatable boats are much cheaper than other designs which also make them a favorite among many boaters. They make great lifeboats for larger watercraft such as yachts, houseboats, pontoons and large fishing vessels. Some designs are even used as life rafts for aircrafts.

Types of Inflatable Boats

There are many different types of inflatable boats that are available on the market today. They each have their own unique designs and can provide a wonderful boating experience. Below is a list of some of the inflatable boats that you can buy.

  • Pontoon boats
  • Kayaks
  • Sailing boats
  • Zodiac boats

Each type of inflatable boat is designed with a different type of material that makes it more suitable for the use of the boat. For example, the inflatable pontoon boats are designed to be very maneuverable and stay stable in the water. They are designed to support an outboard motor and can usually travel at high speeds.

The zodiac boat is designed with flexible tubing for the bow and sides and features a flat bottom. Thy also have a firm platform in which you can place an outboard motor for faster water travel. Of course, any type of inflatable boat can be maneuvered by using oars. Just make sure that you use the correct air pressure to make sure you receive the right buoyancy for the boat you are using to guarantee your safety when on the water.