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Power Boat Trade-In Value

There comes a time in a boaters life when they wish to move one. What then to do with the old boat? The two basic options are sell or trade.

The first question you should ask yourself is How much is the boat worth? Power boat trade-in value should be a given when buying a boat. Unfortunately, it is not. Boat reviews generally ignore this fact. They focus on the here and now, oblivious to the future reckoning. The current power boat trade-in value is a complex matter. How much you can get depends upon a variety of factors including condition, availability, uniqueness, quality and the reputation of the manufacturer.

To verify the trade-in value you can ask the dealer you plan to arrange your sale with but that might not work. A dealer works on the principle: “Buy low, sell high.” The Blue Book may state a high and low price for your power boat trade-in value, but chances are the lower price will end up being selected.

Secondary research through a bank, insurance agency or other knowledgeable source may help out. In some instances, the manufacturer will provide you directly with a power boat trade-in value and accept it for resale.

One thing that will become obvious to most is how quickly the value of your craft has decreased. This is an indirect result, in part, to rapid technological advancements and performance improvements. Some advice before buying a boat is to consider whether the boat has staying power. Those currently the hottest or coolest on the market may not have staying power. They will depreciate quickly and you may find yourself paying for it when you try to trade it in.

There are several things you can do to try to increase your chance of getting a better power boat trade-in value. They involve much the same effort you would put into your boat before trying to sell it. Think of it as selling it in all sense of the word, to the dealer.

Consider the time of year. Choose the beginning of the boating season when prices are highest. With more buyers than sellers you just might get a better trade-in value from a dealer.
Think cosmetics. Clean the boat. Tidy up the mess you have accumulated. Fix anything that can inexpensively be repaired. Shine, buff, polish until the boat looks like new. A spanky clean power boat is bound to obtain a better trade-in price than a filthy one.

One further consideration that might help you in power boat trade-in value is the sales tax advantage. You may only pay tax on the difference between the old a d new models price value if the trade-in value is included in the invoice for the new model. This can save you a substantial amount of money.
There is a lot to consider, however, the best place to start is when you buy the boat.