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ST Sophia Sailboat Cruise

With it’s rich heritage, Turkey boasts some of the worlds most exquisite scenery. When it comes to scenery, one of the jewels in Turkeys crown is St Sophia. From it’s beginnings as a church, then to a mosque and now as a museum, it truly is a fascinating place. Being situated in an almost-riverside location is a definite drawcard of Saint Sophia, sailboats cruise past regularly, dropping off sightseers and allowing others to enjoy the local scenery from onboard the boat. And what better way to take in the sights and sounds of Turkey.

Going to and from other locations as well as St Sophia, sailboat cruises are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. Some companies hire out boats to passengers (on a daily, half-daily or occasionally overnight basis) with a boat license. Others offer larger-group tours up and down Turkeys waterways, or even small-group tours over 2 or more days. Most offer stop-offs at regular intervals, with popular tourist attractions including bazaars, museums, churches, mosques and Turkeys ancient palaces.

Turkey is known for it’s wonderful riverside scenery. Highlights include the many churches and other ancient buildings visible from the river, parks, gardens and palatial homes. The tour guides that conduct Turkish sailboat cruises are very familiar with the local landscapes, sights, attractions and history of the area. Most cruises are accompanied by an informative and interesting presentation giving tourists insights into local history and landmarks to watch out for. Needless to say, a camcorder or camera is an absolute must to capture highlights of your St Sophia sailboat cruise. Depending on the season and time of day, sunglasses, hats or warm clothing might also be needed. Many St Sophia sailboat cruises offer passengers the opportunity to swim, snorkel or go fishing. Whether or not equipment is provided varies between tour-boat companies. Some companies provide food and beverages, others encourage passengers to provide their own. A riverside picnic onboard a sailing boat is truly a unique and enjoyable experience. Taking a sailboat cruise within a few weeks either side of Anzac Day can be a poignant way to mark the occasion. Be aware that St Sophia sailboat cruises at this time are extremely popular and you will have to book well ahead of time. If you go on an overnight sailboat cruise, accommodation will generally be cabin-style and may involve communal facilities.

Seeing Turkey via a St Sophia sailboat cruise is a wonderful way of experiencing an amazing part of the world. Whether you go for a half-day, full-day or overnight, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience.