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Small Fishing Boat

You are looking to buy a nice compact small fishing boat. Well, there are many choices for you to choose from, how about a great small fishing boat. The small fishing boat can have a great-modified hull, which is a V shaped double hull. Offering plenty of arm room. This small fishing boat not only sets the standards in performance, stability, and comfort. It comes as virtually maintenance free, and is really very lightweight. This small fishing boat is environmentally friendly and it’s pocket book size makes it an ideal choice for your small fishing boat.

It can have 2 folding chairs that swivel, 4 Vertical rod holders, a livewell, battery compartment, bow electric mount, fore and aft electrical sockets, drink holders lure compartments and cleats. A great big 500lb capacity, 7hp engine max. And is excellent value for money. If this small fishing boat is a bit too much for your pocket try an inflatable boat.

You could try a classic small fishing boat, this little boat was specially designed for the fisherman. It takes a 3hp gas motor, at the stern and a Sevylors 12 volt, which can go either stern, or bow. It has two fishing rod holders, small gear bag, battery pouch and plenty of tie-downs and crab lines, 4 drain plugs, she also comes complete with Boston safety valves, swivel oar locks, chafing pads, and two inflatable seats it also comes with NMMA certified approval.

Then again you could choose the Canoe, which is a great small fishing boat, a great balance between stability and performance. Canoes deliver more manoeuvrability, stability, and a better glide. Three-layer integrated construction offers outstanding impact resistance, added buoyancy, insulation from cold water and vibrations, and extra hull rigidity. 3 moulded seats, rod and drink holders, and quick-fix end caps. 800-lb. capacity

There is also a great small fishing boat that is also inflatable, and has been designed with an Airtight System that will not leak ever. Also comes with a grab line to make getting it in and out of water as easy as possible, there is also separate air chambers and oar locks with oars included.

This is only a small selection of some of the small fishing boats out there that you can choose from, they come in all shapes and sizes but they also come with varying price tags. The only thing you can really be sure of is that your chosen small fishing boat will bring you hours of pleasure. There is such a huge variety to choose from that you will definitely find what you are looking for.