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Ski Boat Accessories

If you thought buying your ski boat was expensive, wait until you start adding on ski boat accessories. One of the most expensive types of boats you can buy, these ultra-sporty crafts have any number of ski boat accessories to choose from to add to their initially exciting appearance and appeal. From simple and inexpensive necessities to extremely expensive pro equipment, you can really blow a wallet full of cash on various toys and extras for a ski boat.

One of the favorite ski boat accessories that you’ll find on almost every ski boat in the water is a swim platform. Mounted on the rear of the boat, this area allows skiers and wakeboarders to get their feet wet (literally) so that skis and wakeboards slide on more easily. It also means that they can simply slide into the water once the equipment is on rather than having to throw their legs over the side of the boat and climb out.

Another preferred variety of ski boat accessories includes a ladder. Usually, this is mounted to the swim platform, allowing for the skiing individual to climb back onto the platform and into the boa with ease after a good, solid run behind the boat. Skiing can definitely wear a person out, making it difficult to simply hoist up into the boat without such assistance.

One of the most popular ski boat accessories right now is the wakeboard tower. This mounts atop the ski pole in the center of the boat, and the ski rope ties to the top of it. This makes it much easier for the wakeboarder to pop out of the water as the boat takes off, with the height of the rope giving more leverage and creating more upward force to help guide the wakeboard up and out as the wakeboarder concentrates on position to move forward.

One other very important item among ski boat accessories are rear view mirrors. Because the driver of the boat has to partially depend on a spotter to know where the skier behind the boat drops out, it is imperative to have all senses alert. Having the rear view mirror trained on the skier can assist the driver in having his or her own knowledge of what is occurring behind the boat, just in case the spotter doesn’t alert the driver fast enough.

These are just a few of the preferred ski boat accessories available, not even including the standard skiing equipment. As you get used to your ski boat, you’ll find more and more accessories that you wish to add to it to make life more convenient and waterskiing more fun.