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Sail Boat Repairs

Repairs on a sail boat are necessary. Over time, the pristine essence of a new boat is worn away. Every day wear and tear takes it’s toll. Daily maintenance can check or reduce the need for major sail boat repairs, but there will always be something needing to be done. A bad sign, however, would be if you are not spending more time repairing than sailing.

Take care to read manuals and examine your boat for signs of the need for repairs. Some problems are obvious e.g. cracked or blistered fiberglass on the daggerboard or centerboard trunk. These need the use of the most common tools of sail boat repair: sanders and scrapers.
In some instances, a spark plug needs replacing, the oil, filter and fuel filters need to be changed on the engines or the injection must be replaced. Light bulbs can be changed, sails repaired and deck hardware properly bedded where warranted.

While big or little sail boat repairs can be done by an owner, they must have the knowledge and the skill to do so. In some instances, it is best to call in the experts. This may be particularly true where engines and/or electrical systems are involved. If you do decide to undertake your own repairs, be aware there could be serious consequences if you don’t know what you are doing.

Therefore, before embarking upon your sail boat repair job(s), look at books specializing in not only boat design, construction, methods of construction and sail boat materials but also on repairs, advisability of repairs and when repairs are no longer the answer. Concentrate on material specific to your own craft. What will work to repair your own sail boat is the matter at hand, the focal point of your research.
Your research should not be restricted to written works. Videos are also available, but, often, it is the experience of others that is helpful. Talk to other sail boat owners about their encounters in the wonderful world of sail boat repair. Did they have similar problems? Can they offer any applicable advice? The point is to learn from them. Maybe, they can help you out in the repairs, especially since they have done them and you have not.

If your knowledge is found to be sadly lacking and you don’t even know what to look for, your best bet is to reconsider doing it yourself. It is being realistic and in your own best interests to call in the professionals.

Although letting the pros make your sail boat repairs may, initially, be necessary, you can, rectify the situation. There are courses offered in sail boat repairs. Look into whether your local school, boating club or college offers any courses. Another possibility is to look on line for a similar offering. This will help you approach any repair problem with greater confidence. It takes time, but it will be worth it.