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Sail Boat For Sale

Tired of your old sail boat? Require something larger, faster or sleeker? Sure, you may have your eye on a new model, but you need to sell your current sailboat first. Here are some things to consider on putting up your sail boat for sale.


Strip your boat of any excess, gear, personal items – anything you can use on your next boat. Do not, however, remove any items needed by safety regulations, any thing part of the basic boat inventory e. g. working sails, and anything that will damage the sail boat when removed. You do not want to damage receiving a good price for your sail boat for sale.

Perhaps, it will be necessary to either repair or improve the sail boat for sale. Be careful. You do not want to spend excessive amounts of money if there is no guarantee for a solid return. A touch-up paint job, minor patching, and simple repair work adds to the salability of your boat.

Do not ignore the tidiness. Clean your sail boat for sale from stem to stern. Check every corner for dirt, garbage and mould. A clean sail boat is more visually pleasing than a filthy, untidy one.


To make sure you are asking a reasonable price, review current ads and listings of comparable or identical models. Calculate a high and low end, being sure to add or subtract from the asking price in accordance with any special features or equipment featured on your sailboat for sale. You can also check out the BUC Used Boat Price Guide, the Blue Book for boaters of all stripes. Finally, adjust all factors to reflect your local market. If you want to avoid all this, hire an appraiser to do the work for you.


There are several ways to market your sail boat for sale. The most obvious is the internet. There are many forums and sail boating enthusiasts who have web sites including classifieds. Do not, however, forget the more mundane forms of advertising: newspaper classifieds, local club news letters, bulletin boards, Buy and Sell newspapers and boating magazines. In all cases, be sure you include a clear photo of your sail boat for sale. Be concise and precise in your description. Remember, you want to sell this boat.

You might also consider putting together a simple brochure or video to show prospective buyers. These can be posted to the net as part of a classified or a web page design.
What is also essential is your availability. If you have a sail boat for sale and post it in any medium, you must be there in some form or other to answer questions and set up appointments. An answering machine may not be enough. It might actually discourage possible buyers. An e-mail address can help, but there is nothing like the personal touch. Talking directly to a perspective customer is the very first step in completing the sale.