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Sail Boat Bedding

The term sail boat bedding can be applied in three different ways. In the first definition it refers to a means of protecting hardware aboard the sail boat. A bedding compound is a sealant that is flexible and absorbent, withstanding the stresses caused by shock, vibrations, swelling or shrinkage and resistant to fresh and salt water. It is, in other words, a marine adhesive essential to the continued performance of the sail boat.

Sail boat bedding also refers to a particular design very popular for childrens rooms. A bedroom may have a nautical theme on the walls that carries to such items as lamps and bedding. The covers, coverlets, comforters and pillows may all be adorned with sail boats bounding over the waves. Some are even specifically decorated with certain types of boats and nautical themes. There are Mayflowers sailing slowly towards the distant shores of America, Viking ships advancing on some unknown land and all types of famous sail boats. These can amaze and delight the child who does or does not sail.
This takes us an obvious meaning of sail boat bedding what a sailor, crew, commander or family, sleeps on when on an overnight voyage, sailing vacation or cruise. In other words: What he, she and/or they sleep on.

Once upon a time, and still on some replicas of tall ships, the crew slept on rocking hammocks while the captain had his own berth. The former group considered themselves lucky to have a covering of any sort, the latter frequently had sheets and a coverlet of some sort. Sailboat bedding definitely reflected a persons rank.

Sail boat bedding for the early modern sail boats were somewhat better. Foam pads were attached to bunks. They were, however, stiff, not very comfortable and did nothing to drown out nautical noise. The rigidity of these cushions reflected the state of boating at the time, technology and also where designers felt the thrust of their workmanship should lie.

Today, things have changed. There are still some problems with the comfort aspect, but many sail boats, in particular the chartered and cruising ships have introduced improvements. Boat cabins are now more spacious with beds that reflect the sailors wish to have a good nights sleep. The sail boat bedding can now consist of mattresses that feature an innerspring. This is, according to many sailors, a vast improvement over the thick, or not so thick, pad.

Marine shops have introduced entire lines of adaptable sleeping sets to help in the sail boat bedding department. Since bunk beds do come in a variety of sizes and shapes, these new sheets and coverlets have drawstrings. This allows a person to snugly attach the sheets to the bed. They barrel lock at each corner preventing sliding.

An there are pillows? There are those you bring from home and inflatable ones, air and foam. Problems of mildew and dampness aside, sleep tight.