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River Boat Tours Po River, Italy

The Po River in Italy is Italys longest river. It is fast and steep, descending about 5,500 feet. The river nurtures rice fields, vineyards, fisheries, and stories of long ago. It is 405 miles long and at it’s widest point it is 1,650 feet. It cuts through many towns including Turin and indirectly Milan. People that wish to explore the area should look into river boat tours of Po River, Italy. These tours will take you up the Po River in luxurious accommodations and comfortable off-boat transportation. Many of these tours will allow visitors to see several cities and last for a few days.

Some river boat tours of Po River, Italy will specialize in small groups that range from 12 to 20 guests while other tours will cater to a much larger number of guests. While some tours may cater to a large number of guests, rest assured that you will find tour companies that pride themselves on having a low a guest to staff ratio such as 2.5 passengers to each staff member. Many river boat tours of Po River, Italy will have activities for the guests that range from easy, challenging, and relaxing. Some of these activities will take place on the boat, while some will take place off the boat at the different ports. Many off-boat excursions will be accompanied with a knowledgeable guide while some will not, therefore allowing passengers to pursue their own interests. Some river boat tours of Po River, Italy will offer guests folkloric entertainment, lectures, cultural art demonstrations and language lessons. This helps the guest to really get a taste of the town they are visiting on the Po River. In addition to this, many tour companies will provide regional cuisine either on the boat, or make arrangements off-boat for your meal. Again, allowing the guests to really get a taste of what the cities are like. You will find that companies that offer such on-boat accommodations as sleeping quarters. Tour companies that do not offer on-boat sleeping quarters will make arrangements at the best hotels for your stay. Tour prices will vary depending on the quality of amenities and accommodations that are chosen. You should inquire prior to purchasing about which amenities and accommodations are included in the price of the tour as some companies are all-inclusive while others follow a more a la carte style.

Sometimes referred to as a floating hotel boat tours offer travelers the opportunity to explore and see new cities while not having to pack and unpack. River boat tours of Po River, Italy are an excellent way to view the beautiful country and learn about the culture.