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River Boat Tours In Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin Nevada, located about 94 miles south of Las Vegas, is a beautiful city that is located on the banks of Colorado. It is bordered by the rugged desert and the Colorado River. It sees about four million visitors a year. It is the third biggest casino and resort destination in the Nevada and it is advertised as a more family friendly resort spot than it’s cohorts. Therefore, there is a greater emphasis of outdoor activities geared for people of all ages. While a variety of activities available in Laughlin include golf, gaming, and shopping you may wish to get out and explore. If so, the river boats tours in Laughlin, Nevada are the perfect solution for you. A river boat tour in Laughlin, Nevada will set the mood for a relaxing and adventurous vacation with your family.

There are numerous tours available to choose among. The one you choose will ultimately depend on your preferences and budget. Some of the tours will take you down the Colorado River where you can see Topocks Gorge, while some tours will take you under the Laughlin/Bullhead City Bridge to Davis Dam. River boat tours in Laughlin, Nevada allow you to enjoy and take in the crystal clear water and the unmatched beauty of the rock cliffs. Some tours will allow passengers to take a short walk to see ancient petroglyphs. While on river boat tours in Laughlin, Nevada, you may see distinct wildlife, as well as, learn a few things about the river it’self. Such stories that can be heard while on river boat tours in Laughlin, Nevada include tales of sternwheelers that navigated the Colorado River back when boats were made of wood. You may learn a thing or two about how Devils Elbow got it’s name, what happened at Pulpit Rock and some Indian myths and legends. Some river boat tours in Laughlin, Nevada are a little upscale. These tours feature shaded and climate-controlled decks that allow passengers to relax while taking in the picturesque scenery that is Laughlin. Tours can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours and will leave as scheduled. Some tours may need reservations a certain number of days in advance. Be sure to ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing your ticket for the tour.

Laughlin is set in the rugged mountain terrain that gently slopes down to the banks of the Colorado River and it is the perfect spot to get away to. Everyone will agree that vacations are for relaxing and what better way to relax than by taking in the beauty of nature that surrounds Laughlin, Nevada. River boat tours in Laughlin, Nevada provide visitors the ultimate in relaxation and adventure.