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Repair Boat Parts and Pieces

If you own a boat, you know that typical yearly maintenance on the watercraft can be expensive, even without any kind of repairs to various parts and pieces. When there are things that need to be repaired or replaced, the cost can skyrocket, mostly based on the intensive labor that repairmen claim on the item. If you know for yourself how to repair boat parts and pieces that are standard to the vessel and need to be replaced yearly, you can save a lot of cash in your wallet.

For example, every year, the water pump is one item you’ll have to replace or repair. Boat water pumps are not that difficult to replace yourself, and you can save a lot of money by comparison to paying someone else to do the job for you. Start by draining the gearcase, then, place the gearshift in forward and leave it. Remove the trim tab on the lower unit, and remove the bolt from the hole where the trim tab was. Next, remove the two head nuts that are a few inches forward and move to the top of the L/U, where you’ll find another lock nut remove it, then replace it, turning it only 4-5 turns. There are two more nuts to remove, one on either side of the gearcase. When all these are removed, wiggle the gearcase down until the top nut is the only thing holding it on. Now, hold the L/U and remove this last nut, which lets the unit slide down.

The next step to repair boat water pumps is to locate the seal that looks like a rubber washer which seals the oil passage between the upper and lower unit’s. Remove the o-ring that is on top of the drive shaft and then slide off the thick rubber seal that is further down on top of the plastic pump housing. There will be four nuts holding the pump housing in place all these should be loosened and removed.

To repair boat impeller parts, you must first remove the pieces in a certain order. Start with the upper housing, then the impeller, followed by the pump key, the top gasket, the stainless wear plate, and finally the lower gasket. Keep in mind that the key may fall out while the impeller remains in the housing. Don’t lose the key it’s quite small and necessary to repair boat impellers. Now, you’ll slide the lower gasket, wear plate, and top gasket back onto the shaft in reverse order. Hold the key in place and engage the impeller with the key, then slide the upper plastic housing down, and as you turn the drive shaft clockwise, push the housing down over the impeller.

Finally, replace the nuts and bolts as removed, and refill the gearcase. Once you’ve tested the drive shaft, this simple repair boat process is complete.