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Power Boat Review

You want to buy a boat. You think you know the model, maybe the manufacturer and the characteristics. Or, at least, you have narrowed the choices to a few good power boats. You have even been thinking of what equipment and accessories you want and/or need. You have looked in your bank account, considered the alternative means of financing and, lo and behold, there is enough money in the bank or with the bank, to finance your boating fantasy so now what?

A good place to start looking for your current dream boat is in the pages of boating magazines. If it is a new or recent model, you should be able to find something about it in a section devoted to power boat reviews. There are even specific periodicals on the stand that focus on reviews and reviews alone, with only a few articles on boating, boat repair and similar articles thrown in – Boating Buyers Guide comes to mind as does Power Cruising Magazine.

Another source is ebay. They provide stats and reviews of many power boats. They, together with other book stores, online or not, provide books on the subject, some specifically filled with reviews. These power boat review guides are easily accessible.

The library is another inexpensive means of accessing power boat reviews. This is a relatively cost-free way of looking at what you want without being committed to buying. This is a good idea because some of the material and some of the magazines are not cheap and you don’t want to cut into the price of the boat before you have even bought it. If you don’t have the internet or your service is slow, the library is also helpful, some offer free internet services.

When considering the actual review, consider Is there a bias? A boat reviewed by someone who has been given it on loan or for the summer may be somewhat prejudiced. In one case, a periodical author was provided with the boat for the magazines use. It is, therefore, possible the writer would not be so open in a review. It is very difficult to bite the hand currently feeding you.

The same can be said of certain periodicals or online sites where the purpose is to sell a boat or a specific model. In such a power boat review, honesty may give way to retail necessity.

This is not to say all sites, periodicals or sponsored power boat reviews are seriously biased. This is a caution to consider where the author is coming from. It is also an indicator that you should NOT restrict yourself to one power boat review but study many. Look at the glossy ads, company promotions and letters of commendation as well as the performance reviews, owners findings, the availability of used models and the resell value. Hidden within this mixture will be some helpful information and guidance in buying that next or even first boat.