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Power Boat Movers

In the wonderful world of power boats, the time will come when you decide to move your boat. It may be, the marina fees are now too high, the marina is closing, you are moving to another state or country or you just want a change or scenery. Whatever the reason, you will have to consider different types of power boat movers.

The simplest form of moving a power boat is a trailer. The placing of wheels under your keels, as the expression goes, can decrease marine costs by having the boat at home and ready for use. Almost any small power boat can be trailered and you can easily find the right type of power boat mover.

The lightness of the boat, it’s weight combined with the towing capacity or your vehicle are clear indicators of what type of power boat mover you will need. Four-wheel drive on your vehicle is helpful as are tailor-made trailers. Companies such as the manufacturers of Skaters design trailers specifically for their power boat models. This simplifies moving.

For some power boat movers, moving is merely a matter of choosing between a simple dinghy or a more expensive twin-axle trailer. A selection can be made between two or four-wheeled trailers deciding between the formers lower cost and maneuverability and the latters superior stability. This is to say nothing about selecting between A and T-frames.

If you do decide to or can be your own power boat mover, there are legal matters to attend to. Each state has it’s own regulations on how large and how heavy a boat you can legally haul. The differences between states and countries can provide for some interesting headaches.

If, however, you cannot or are unable to move your boat by yourself or with the help of friends, it is time to consult the commercial power boat movers.

These types of Power boat movers are companies who specialize in handling marine shipments or difficult loads. They do boat hauling and yacht delivery. They are people who will take your boat and transport it to wherever you wish to go.

At least, this is the theory. You have to be careful in choosing a power boat mover. Each company has it’s own preference and dictates. Some do not take a boat unless it is already on a trailer, others will transport on a tractor trailer. Some are local companies interested in only local or a few stateside deliveries, others are more than willing to transport your boat anywhere in the world.

In selecting one, check the services they offer and see if they have a good track record. Find out if anyone who has used their services can be contacted. One online server provides a unique service. You list your boat, get feedback and bids then decide where to contract.

Whatever you decide to go with, yourself or a company as a power boat mover, do your homework first.