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Portland Jet Boat Tours

Visitors and residents of Portland, Oregon may be interested in taking a boat tour to explore more of the city and the surrounding areas. There are many ways to explore a city, but a Portland jet boat tour is a fun way to learn about the city and have a little adventure at the same time.

The Willimette and Columbia River flow through Portland. By taking a Portland jet boat tour, you can easily explore Portlands historic bridges, the riverfront, and skyline. While on your Portland jet boat tour, you will see Herons, Bald Eagles, and Osprey. Some tours that venture down the Willimette River will take you to within reach of the 40 foot Willimette waterfall. Tours down the Columbia River will take to the historic Bonneville Dam and to Astoria. Both river tours will feature information on the history of Portland as well as the bridges that are so popular.

Some river tours will even have specially trained local historians that will guide you as you learn about Portland. Real adventurers can take a Portland jet boat tour into nearby Hells Canyon. These Portland jet boat tours will take riders down the largest rapids in the deepest part of Hells Canyon. Some of these tours will also serve a lunch or dinner buffet. Children under five are not permitted and you will be needed to wear a lifejacket on this tour. The rapids can be rough sometimes and it is possible to be accidentally thrown overboard. While on the tour you may see abandoned homesteads, mountains, wildlife, and spectacular scenery. Swimming maybe allowed depending on the tour you choose so be sure to bring you swimsuit, also be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and anything else you may use to protect yourself from the sun.

The duration of a Portland jet boat tour will depend on which tour you choose. The Hells Canyon tours range from 2 hours to overnight, whereas, the river tours will range from 1-2 hours. Prices will vary depending on which adventure you choose and certain tour companies do have restrictions on age and height. For example, you must be 40 inches tall to ride on some jet boat tours.

There is no other way to explore Portland so which ever jet boat tour you choose, you will have an adventure. Portland jet boat tours are relaxing and are definitely the best way to view and get to know to city. Be sure to take your camera and a lot of film so you can capture the beauty that is Portland.