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Pontoon Boat Repair

Because so many people are now opting for pontoon boats because they are so versatile and good for many different uses, many new owners are in need of assistance when it comes to pontoon boat repair. Because these boats especially are left in a slip in the water or on a boatlift year round, it is of even greater importance to perform yearly check ups and preventative maintenance on these boats. However, if you know nothing about pontoon boat repair, it can be quite difficult to understand what preventative maintenance will be most helpful.

First of all, new owners should know what to check on the outboard motor yearly. Pontoon boat repair and maintenance should include annual checks on the spark plugs (which may need to be changed), a compression check on all the cylinders, replacement of the water pump (yearly), a pressure test on the lower unit, an oil change on the lower unit, and a check of the fuel lines to be sure there are no cracks. It is also wise to grease all the fittings. Performing these regular maintenance activities on the engine can prevent a lot of pontoon boat repair needs.

In regards to the boats themselves, you cannot overlook possible damage here, as you may find several problems that can easily be missed. For example, many pontoon boat repair needs are in relation to small leaks in the boat. You don’t have to hit a submerged object to cause a leak in these boats, unfortunately, just general day-to-day use can wear a leak in you hull. Pontoon boat repair for leaks is a definite need because taking on the excess water will add weight to your boat, which in turn puts more strain on the engine from the excess load and can not only reduce the performance of your boat but also increase the fuel consumption.

Unfortunately, finding and repair of leaks has to be done by a service company because special equipment is needed. However, you may be able to diagnose the problem yourself, especially if one pontoon sit’s lower in the water than the other. This is a sign that there is excess water in the lower pontoon that needs to be removed and most likely at least one leak that needs to be repaired. Have your pontoon boat repair specialist check at least every two years for leaks.

These are the main issues in pontoon boat repair that most owners should be aware of. Although there are plenty of other parts and pieces to worry about, the main idea is to perform preventative maintenance so that you can avoid the cost of serious repairs.