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Model Sail Boats

Some people can’t get enough of sail boats, for others, collecting is the answer to an unsatisfied love of all things with sails. It is easy, although some times expensive, to collect model sail boats.
Gone are the days of simple boats in bottles though there is a still a market for these. Today, you can buy replica model sail boats that can take your breath away with their accuracy. The very best display an amazing sense of scale and detail. Nothing is skimped in rendering these sail boats. Rendered from actual blueprints, they have a life all their own.

The possibilities are endless, but basically, there are two types of model sail boats: modern and historic. They range from Greek warships to classic yachts. In fact, the variety is wide and inclusive. A glimpse at what is available reveals the more popular ancient offerings. A Viking warship, ancient Greek warships and pirate ships stand in all their glory. Their riggings and mast, hulls and oar patterns clearly visible and, more importantly, authentic to the last detail.

There are ships from the Napoleonic Wars, including Lord Nelsons ship, the HMS Victory. The American Civil War is also represented as are classic yachts. In this latter category of model sail boats can be found various copies of the Nova Scotia, Canadas pride the Blue Nose and the Defender.

A category with an impressive number of model sail boats is called tall ships. A collector or interested buyer can buy American, British, Spanish and French examples of these once common, but still graceful sail boats. Once the pride of the Atlantic Ocean, they are now relegated to a few tourist attractions. In the exactitude of a model sail boat, however, their glory lives on.

Collecting model sail boats can be an expensive proposition. Depending upon such factors as size, quality, and materials some use mahogany, others brass, most employ wood of various types, their prices range into the hundreds of dollars. Moreover, once you acquire a model sail boat or two you need two things: a display case, table or shelf to hold it and the space to put the case in. Some models come in their case or with their case, but many do not. This means spending money to buy or build a suitable glass case to hold you new found delight.

Pride of buy demands the model sail boat be properly displayed. A case is but one aspect. Size is another consideration. Most model sail boats are not tiny. They can be quite large, ranging from 28 to 60 inches. You will have to find the room, or give the model sail boat it’s own room. It is something to be proud of so find the right setting. Display it so all can see it’s beauty and, maybe, understand why you love sailboats.