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Lund Boat Dealer

Lund boats are one of the most highly recognized in the boat industry. Lund fishing boats are finely crafted and extremely durable. Lund boats began in 1948 when Howard Lund built his very first aluminum duck boat. When driving along the highway with his boat on top of his car, he gained the attention of a boat salesman from Inland Marine Corporation. This salesman approached Lund, asking where he bought the boat. Lund explained that he built the boat himself, and that he would be willing to build more like it. The salesman immediately ordered 50 more boats just like the one that Lund had built for himself.
Lund hired three employees and they began working in is garage. One year later, the business was profitable enough to need that they hire 15 more people and move to a new building. Today, Lund employs more than 500 people and is located on a 29 acre campus. Today, Lund is still recognized for their high quality boats. Though they’ve expanded widely to include far more than just aluminum duck boats in their product line, the same care is taken with each boat that Lund builds. Lund boats are sold via various Lund boat dealers throughout the country.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Lund boat, you’ll need to find the Lund boat dealer in your area. The Lund Company are very particular about who sells their boats, so you can rest assured that your Lund boat dealer is well qualified to sell and support the boat you buy.

Lund boats are not sold in every state, so if your heart is set on buying a Lund boat, you may have to travel a bit to find a Lund boat dealer. The Lund Company is still actively pursuing Lund boat dealers in various areas of the country so that they will eventually have a wider presence.

When you buy your boat from an authorized Lund boat dealer, you can rest assured that the Lund Company will back the boat and supply an excellent warranty. Your Lund boat dealer should also be able to provide service for your boat.

If you’re interested in a Lund boat, but there’s no Lund boat dealer near you, you might also consider checking out Lund boats at a boat show in your area. Spring is the time of year when there are dozens of boat shows around, and you may be able to take a look at their product line without having to travel to a remote dealer. You can compare Lund boats to others and choose your top choices. Once you’re certain that a Lund is your choice, then travel to your nearest Lund boat dealer for further shopping purchasing.