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Juneau Boat Rentals

Enchanting beauty of Juneau, capital of Alaska attracts tourists from all over the world. The exciting border town, it nestles between majestic mountains and Gastineau channel, which is the gateway to Glacier Bay. Different Juneau boat rentals offer you such a wide choice. To drink in breathtaking beauty of Juneau Ice-field and Tracy Arm Fjord, and to view from close quarters Alaskas abundant aquatic wild life, water ways are the best. Try some of the wonderful Juneau boat rentals and take to one of Alaskas many marine highways. But the greatest attraction of Juneau is the grand Mendenhall Glacier, forming a part of the 1800 square mile of Juneau Ice-field from Taku River east of town to Barners Bay at the extreme west end of town .

All this talk of glaciers and icefields should not, however mislead- the Pacific currents keep Juneau warm and Juneaus winter temperatures are actually warmer than those of some U.S. cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis.

Juneau also has a very interesting history. First the Indians settled here and flourished in an atmosphere of plenty. Then gold was discovered and Juneau had the worlds three richest mines for the next 60 years. Welcome to Alaska, and what better way to see it that then book a boat from many Juneau boat rentals available.

Juneau is different from anywhere, it is like visiting a different planet. Where else would you get a chance to see, as from the Juneau boat rentals of your choice, a school of whales frolicking or bubble hunting? The tours you can take on any of the Juneau boat rentals will take you through the world of majestic Alaskan bear, and you may also get a glimpse of one carelessly breakfasting on a fish. Admiralty Island National Monument features the largest concentration of brown bear in the world. And then, you cannot miss the noisy colonies of Steller sea lions. The male lions grow upto ten feet, larger than any Alaskan bear. There is plenty of wildlife including Humpback Whale, Seal, Porpoise, Orca, Eagles, and a variety of Sea Birds.

Alaska is a heaven for lovers of sea food, whereas in the world, but in Juneau boat rental crews trap fresh shrimps and crabs for your lunch?

And if you love fishing, then again Juneau is the paradise. The river Kenai is so famous for King Solomon runs that it attracts anglers from all over the world. Only disadvantage could be the ease with which you can get your fish. A twenty pound one is fairly common. An avid angler can also book one of those Juneau boat rentals for some intense offshore fishing and come back loaded with Ling Cod and other sports fish.

The Juneau boat rentals include a choice of yachts, motor boats, kayaks. You can hire them for luxury, or for adventure. There are many schools that provide training for kayaking and adventure sports.