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Jon Boat Dealer

Jon boats are aluminum or wood flat-bottomed boats. Jon boats are designed for fishing, and typically have bench seats to fit one to three people Jon boats usually have a transom design to which you can mount an outboard motor.

A jon boat is a great first fishing boat. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain boats that can easily be upgraded as your needs and your budget expands.

Jon boats can be found at a multitude of jon boat dealers. Because jon boats are small, you can find them not only at traditional boat dealers, but often you can also find them at large sporting goods stores. If you buy your jon boat from this type of jon boat dealer, you’ll likely save money over a regular jon boat dealer. These large sporting goods stores very often have better prices on nearly everything they carry.

However, if you choose a smaller jon boat dealer, meaning someone who sells only boats and accessories instead of all sorts of sporting goods, you’re likely to get better advice and better service.

Small boat dealers often have a very in depth understanding of every boat they sell. They can usually answer all your questions and give you good comparison information between brands. In addition, a salesperson at a regular jon boat dealer may have more time to spend with you, meaning you can get better information about the boats before you buy.

As you’re talking to different jon boat dealers, be certain to ask about warranty. Warranties will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting. There are many jon boat manufacturers, and you’ll find that quality and warranty differ between them. You’ll also find that prices can differ pretty significan’tly, too. The cheapest jon boat is not necessarily the one you want to buy. However, the most expensive may not be the best value, either.

When you’re shopping around for jon boats, you should also talk to various dealers about the upgrade capabilities of any jon boat you’re considering. Many people keep their jon boats as is for a few years and then start adding to it. In some cases, people completely convert their jon boats to full scale bass boats over time. So, you want to fully understand the expansion capabilities of your jon boat before you buy.

A jon boat is a great starter boat. It’s a good, basic fishing boat that nearly everyone can afford. With some time and attention, it can grow with you into the fishing boat of your dreams!