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Boat Trailer Accessories

There are a number of accessories that may come in handy or make your boat and boating adventures more fun and comfortable, but if you are thinking about functionality, boat trailer accessories are in many cases a must. There are several types of boat trailer accessories and tools that you’ll want to have before you ever leave home with your boat to make the process simpler and, in some instances, it may be impossible to complete your task if you aren’t prepared.

For example, before you even think about carrying a boat, there are several boat trailer accessories you should have simply to assure that your boat is properly secured to the trailer. These include tie downs, such as ratcheting hook and latch tie downs that stretch across and behind your boat to make sure it stays on the trailer should any of your other security devices break. You’ll also want some kind of winch to hoist your boat up onto the trailer out of the water. This will also lock into place to be the first form of security against the loss of your boat while traveling, which is backed up with the tie downs.

Other boat trailer accessories that are necessary are a hitch that will secure the trailer to the towing vehicle (make sure that all hitch parts are compatible so that you have easy hookup and connection), a lock for the hitch so that nothing can be stolen, and rollers onto which the boat can easily slide onto the trailer bed with no damage to the hull.

In order to perform maintenance on your trailer, other boat trailer accessories include trailer jacks for when you need to air up or replace tires on the trailer and oil for the moving parts to keep everything in good working order. You’ll want to have tools to perform regular checks and repairs on the lights and wiring devices associated with the trailer to keep it within spec, and you’ll need things to keep the fabrics used to protect your boat from wear and tear new and fresh. There are several types of dehumidifiers that will help prevent mildew of the cloth, and you can always buy scrap cloth for replacement.

Of course, chains are great boat trailer accessories for securing the boat in place, as well. You may also want to consider tarps to help cover and protect the trailer when the boat is not in place, shielding it from any possible weather that could cause rust or decay. Any number of accessories can be buyd for your boat, but the ones for the trailer are some of the most functional pieces that money can buy.