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Boat Tours Thames Cruises

The city of London is seeped in history and there are many ways to take in the sites as well as learn about this beautiful city. The Thames River is an ancient river that runs through this historic city. Over 2000 years ago, Romans settled along the Thames and begun one of the oldest societies in recent history. One popular method to view the sites of London is through boat tours Thames cruises.

A leisurely and relaxing cruise down the river is your best opportunity to see the historic sites of London such as Shakespeares Globe, the dome of St. Pauls Cathedral, Big Ben and the Tower of London. Most boat tours Thames cruises have commentaries that are available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. Translation services are provided via the latest technology in head set devices. Some boat tours Thames cruises will have capacities for a large number of people such as 380, while some will serve a smaller number of tourists. Boat tours Thames cruises will last approximately 20 minutes to 2.5 hours. The duration depends on the tour you choose. These tours will depart from one pier and dock at another. Therefore you will need to figure out your land transportation prior to boarding. There are a smaller number of circular tours available. Circular tours depart and dock at the same pier. These tours generally last about 50 minutes. Most tours will depart from Westminster Pier, Waterloo Pier, Tower Pier, and Greenwich Pier.

Some boat tours Thames cruises will offer a special ticket option that allows guests the opportunity to hop off and on the boat throughout the entire day. Travelers can board and get off at any pier that the boat docks. This is a great option if you would like to see some of the sites up close and personal. There is one other ticket option available to travelers that will combine the boat tour with land transportation. This enables the traveler to use the tour boat at will while also allowing them to hop onto a bus or other form of public transportation without having to fumble for change to pay.

Some special boat tours Thames cruises will serve lunch and dinner. These two or three course meals are an excellent way to learn about the city while relaxing with your friends and family. Other accommodations that are available on boat tours Thames cruises will be wheelchair accessible upper decks. These upper decks offer an unobstructed view of the majestical sites of the city. London is a unique and old city that is full of charm. There are dozens of sites to be seen when visiting this wonderful city and a boat tour Thames cruise is an excellent way to take them all in.