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Are Boat Lifts Really Necessary?

Many new boat owners often ask the question, are boat lifts really necessary? The reason for asking this question is because they don’t fully understand what is involved in the maintenance of a boat. One very important job you will have is keeping the outside of your boat cleaned. This can be very difficult if you do not have access to a boat lift.

A boat lift is a device that will actually lift your boat up out of the water and keep it suspended in the air. This can serve several functions, one of which will be to make it easy to keep your boat clean. Keeping your boats hull clean is a very important step in the upkeep of your boat.

Types of boat lifts

There are three main types of boat lifts available. The one you choose will depend on the type of boat that you have and where your boat is stored. The floating boat lifts is a great choice and it works by air tanks. When the tanks are full of air they will lift the boat, you release the air to lower the boat down again. They are great for floating docks, but can also be used with seawalls or standing docks.

Standing boat lifts are best used in areas where the water level does not change more than a few feet during any given time. They would not work well in ocean waters because of the rise and fall the tide. These will lift your boat up into the air when you turn a large wheel that is attached to a crank.

Mounted boat lifts work by lifting your boat up between the seawalls or the pilings that it is anchored to by using cables or slings. Normally these cables or slings are powered by a motor that will easily lift your boat up and out of the water.

Why use a boat lift?

The main purpose of boat lifts is to make it easy for you to keep your boat in excellent condition. You need to protect the investment you have by keeping the hull free of algae and stains that look bad and lowers the value of your boat. Keeping you hull cleaned will keep your boat looking new and eliminate the need to repaint as often. This alone can save you a lot of money.

Being able to lift your boat up out of the water during storms can help to reduce the risk of it being damaged by these storms. You won’t have to worry about it banging up against anything and being scratched or cracked. Boat lifts are a great investment that will help you preserve the beauty of your boat and keep it looking like new.