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Air Boat Tours

Air boat tours, a lot of people who do not live near large shallow bodies of water are probably asking what an air boat tour is. The best place to start is with what is an airboat, that way there is an understanding of why air boat tours are such a unique and wonderful experience.

An airboat, like the kind used in air boat tours, is usually a flat barge like boat that has a very shallow draft it is powered by a huge fan at the back which allows it to skim across the water, at decent speed without having to worry about running aground. Air boat tours allow people to visit areas they would not be able to get to otherwise.

Because of the airboats unique design, air boat tours offer a chance for exploration that would difficult in any other form. Have you ever taken a look at the Florida everglades? There are miles and miles of watery avenues with sometimes only a foot of water between the bottom, even in less shallow areas, there is heavy vegetation making the use of regular boats impossible but with an airboat one can take an air boat tour of these areas, giving a glimpse into a unique world that would otherwise be unreachable.

Air boat tours also make a unique conversation topic, for your next social event. Air boat tours also make great photo opportunities for those who love to take photos of unspoiled nature, or love to scrap book their vacations.

There are also out of the way places, islands, filled with wildlife that just can not be reached anywhere else. Air boat tours are a great way to spend an afternoon. They are not just for taking a look at wildlife or for doing something unique, they also can lead you into the past, a world of history, or into a world where the modernized way of life has yet to reach.

In Florida air boat tours offer historic tours of Indian villages, rare wildlife, like the Florida panther, Florida alligator as well as birds which make their homes in the still untouched landscape. There are also groves of trees that live with thick heavy roots exposed, some are large enough to tie off too and sit on during your air boat tour.

No matter what reason you decide to take an air boat tour for, you will not be disappointed that you made the decision take an air boat tour. Air boat tours are fun, thrilling, exciting and suitable for any and all ages. So the next time you plan a vacation, or you are looking for something new to blog about, why not take an air boat tour.